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Dr. Robert W. Buckheit, Jr. is a well-established scientist and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug and biologic product development for the prevention and treatment of infectious disease and cancer. Dr. Buckheit's expertise as a scientist, business owner, and pharmaceutical product developer will bring immeasurable value to your company's products and development pathway.

As a grantee who has secured more than $40 million in NIH grants and a scientific writer with more than 150 peer reviewed publications and book chapters, Dr. Buckheit has the capability to professionally assist your company with a variety of product development activities. His services include, acting as your virtual Chief Scientific Officer; developing the necessary documents to receive adequate grants to support your product development; and assisting with the creation of technical documents, including manuscripts, business plans, scientific reports and marketing materials.

Dr. Buckheit was previously the President of the International Society for Antiviral Research. He also sits on the Scientific Advisory Boards of numerous companies and acts as a consultant for a variety of companies developing new pharmaceutical products. As a team player with excellent communications skills and a can-do attitude, Dr. Buckheit looks forward to enabling the successful completion of your company's scientific and business goals.


Professional and Scientific Consulting Services

Virtual Chief Scientific Officer Services and Product Development Services

Dr. Buckheit can easily step into the role of your Chief Scientific Officer and assist your management and technical staff to appropriately develop and execute successful drug development programs. Having acted as a Research Director, Chief Scientific Officer and Principal Investigator, Dr. Buckheit can provide the professional and technical consulting services to save your company time, resources and money, while guiding new and novel pharmaceutical products to eventual IND submission.

Grant and Contract Writing Services

As Principal Investigator, Dr. Buckheit has successfully competed for grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award programs (Phase 1 and Phase 2 grants), as well as other targeted funding opportunities. To date, Dr. Buckheit's efforts have generated nearly $40 million in funding to support product development for his companies and partners.

No matter how good the research idea or product, the preparation of the research grant is the key to success. Thus, Dr. Buckheit will work with you to develop the best documents necessary by understanding your preliminary data, developing testable hypotheses, and defining the appropriate research plan. The overarching goal is to be sure that your company obtains the necessary and available funds to support the development of your project in an environment where the competition for federal funds has become increasingly fierce.

Technical Documents

As your product moves from discovery through lead selection and eventual development, Dr. Buckheit can assist with the preparation of a variety of documents necessary to obtain funding and accurately describe your product, including:

  • The development of algorithms, product development timelines and cost estimates for drug development programs
  • The development of technical documents, manuscripts and business plans to share at Scientific Advisory Board meetings or for presentation to investors or venture capital firms in support of your fund raising efforts
  • The creation of critical, unbiased reviews of data and scientific programs
  • The submission of grant proposals to the NIH and other funding organizations

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